Rule 1: Entrance Fees / Entry

  • Classes 1- 40 Cattle £3.00
  • Classes 45-119 Sheep £2.00
  • Classes 42, 42a,43,43a, 117-119 Presentation £2.00
  • Classes 120-220 Horses £6.00
  • Jumping – £6 pre- entered. £9 on the day.
  • Clear round jumping £3.00 from 10am to 12.30 p.m.

Unaffiliated entries for horse classes taken on the day £9.00. All fees must be submitted with the entry form and no fees will be refunded under any circumstances. 

Dog Classes 1 – 21 – £1 per class Taken at the dog show ring on the day.

Rule 2: Blank entry forms

Blank entry forms can be obtained from the secretary, which should be returned together with the correct entrance fee on or before July 25th 2019. Please ensure the entry form is completely filled in. The Committee reserves the right to extend the time if they think desirable.

Rule 3: False Entry

Any person making a False Entry or giving a wrong description will be disqualified from taking a prize.

Rule 4: Local Classes

Local Classes are defined and restricted to persons residing within an eight mile radius Camelford Library formally The Town Hall. See map in secretary’s tent.

Rule 5: Cups & Trophies

All cups and trophies awarded are the property of the Camelford & District Agricultural Association Ltd. and unless otherwise stated are perpetual awards to be retained by the winner and returned by the 1st of June in current year.

All trophies with the exception of the breed championship and supreme championship trophies which will be presented during the grand parade can be collected from the secretary’s marquee by the winner or a representative at their convenience after signing the cup books.

No trophy will be given out unless cup card is presented to the Cup Secretary.

Rule 6:

Where there are 12 or more entries in a class, a 5th and 6th prize rosette will be awarded. The 4th – 6th places will not qualify for points towards the Coronation Cup.

Rule 7: Start Times

Classes 120 and 147 BEGIN AT 8.30. All exhibits to be on the Showfield by 8.30 am on the day of the Show and remain until 3 o’clock. No exhibit to leave before the stated time without a pass from the Secretary. Exhibitors to be ready 10 minutes before class if late let Ring Steward know particularly if in more than one class.

Rule 8: Ownership Duration

All exhibits to have been the bona-fide property of the exhibitor for at least one month prior to the show.

Rule 9: Protests

Any person making a protest shall do so within one hour of the time of the class and shall deposit with the Secretary the sum of £ 30.00, which shall be forfeited if the Stewards consider such a protest to be frivolous.

Rule 10: Loss & Damage

The Camelford and District Agricultural Association Limited will not be liable for any loss or
damage which persons, stock, exhibits or vehicles may sustain.

Rule 11: Disputes

All disputes to be settled by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.

Rule 12: Class Cancellations

The Committee reserves the right to cancel any Class or amalgamate any class. Judging will follow the timetable as closely as possible, but the committee reserves the right to change the running order if necessary.

Rule 13: Judge’s Decision

The Judge’s decision is final.

Rule 14: Leading Cattle

All cattle to be halter led in the Judging rings and when paraded. To comply with the show insurers all children 12 years of age and under on the day of the show must be supervised by a suitable adult when leading an animal. Livestock Exhibitors are requested to comply with Animal Welfare Regulations including no over stocking of udders.A complete male bovine over 30 months of age is considered a Bull and is subject to the regulations i.e. 2 handlers.

Rule 15: Livestock Security

All Cattle must be properly secured at all times. Horses/ponies should be tied when outside their boxes.

Rule 16: Joint Names

Where an animal is entered in joint names, the points will be awarded to the person who paid the entry fee. Points will NOT be awarded to both entrants or split between them.

Rule 17: Leading Cattle

The 2018 CDAA Ltd Show has been approved by the Scottish Agricultural College. Sheep and Goat Health Schemes, to hold Classes for MV/CAE accredited sheep. All MV/CAE accredited stock, must hold a valid certificate for accreditation (note expiry date). The certificate should be completed and signed by the owner/manager. The show organiser or deputy will collect and return these to SGHS.

A photocopy of the SAC veterinary certificate for MV/CAE exhibitors must accompany the entry form and the original handed to the sheep stewards on the day before unloading.

Rule 18: Shorn Sheep

All sheep to have been shorn except in Ram and Ewe Lamb Classes and 117-119 and the Dorset Sheep classes where this rule does not apply.

Rule 19: 

C & DAA Ltd. has a Holding No. 07/076/8104 issued by DEFRA. Movements to the Show must be registered with BCMS. Passports must therefore accompany the cattle.

Rule 20: Biosecurity

To satisfy Bio Security regulations cattle and sheep transport has a separate entrance point into the animal enclosure licensed by DEFRA where they should remain. Cleansing of the interior of private transport is not a particular requirement but all vehicles and boxes should arrive in clean condition. Instructions from the Bio Security Officer must be obeyed at all times.

Rule 21: Drivers

All drivers of vehicles entering the Showground must obey the directions of the stewards.

Rule 22: Entry Passes

The Association will allow what it considers to be an appropriate number of entry passes and ask exhibitors to accept that number, and pay for any persons accompanying them on the day. All Exhibitors and Pass Holders must use the appropriate Gate which will be indicated. Persons riding with Exhibitors and who do not have a pass will have to pay Additional passes can be obtained from the Secretary at a reduced rate prior to the Show.

Rule 23: 

Classes 147-157 will be judged according to the Rules of the BSPS as contained in the Handbook for 2018, a copy of which is available for inspection in the Secretary’s Marquee.

Rule 24: BSPS Affiliation

This Show is affiliated to the BSPS. All persons entering, competing, showing and otherwise taking part in BSPS, whether or not a member of the BSPS, are subject to the constitution and rules of the BSPS, including the disciplinary procedures, and shall be deemed to have consented to the jurisdiction of the BSPS.

Rule 25: Ponies

In BSPS Classes 147-157 all ponies must be four years old and over.

Rule 26: Child Riders & Handlers

Child Riders & Handlers must have reached the age of 3 years to compete in Equine classes. Birth Certificates are to be produced on the field if necessary.

Rule 27: Suitable footwear

Suitable footwear must be worn at all times when mounted or in the ring. No welly boots are to be worn in the ring.

Rule 28: Horse & Pony Passports

Horses & Ponies must include their Passport numbers on the entry form for each animal.

Horses and ponies must travel with their passports to the show ground as random spot checks will be done.

Rule 29: Novice Horse & Pony Classes

Horses not to have won a 1st prize prior to 1st January 2019.

Rule 30: Hard Hats

Approved correctly secured hard hats MUST BE worn at all times when riding: all PAS015, VG1, (BS)EN1384 2017, ASTM F1163 04a onwards, SNELL E2001, SNELL E2016, AS/ NZS 3838 2003 onwards. 

A rider whose hat comes off will be eliminated. A rider whose strap comes undone, whilst competing must on Penalty of Elimination replace it or fasten it before continuing. They may stop without penalty to fasten the strap. All entries in Working Hunter, Working Cob and Working Ponies and Jumping must wear an approved crash hat for the jumping phase. This can be changed to a normal riding hat as above before the showing phase of the classes. If the above approved hats are not worn in any classes the Show will not take responsibility for any accident or injury caused to the rider. The rider must be responsible for their own actions. Handlers 16 and under must wear the correct approved head gear when handling horses/ ponies.

Rule 31: Horse & Pony Passports

The main championship of each section in the horse schedule will be judged first, ie 1st & 2nd prize winners of each eligible class for their section championship.

Thereafter the local championships will be held, ie 1st & 2nd local prize winners of each class will only be eligible. If the main 1st & 2nd prize winners are also local winners then the main championship only will be judged.

The overall champion from each section (not reserve champion) will be eligible for the supreme.

Rule 32: Grand Parade

The Grand Parade of sheep and cattle at 3 pm: Will take place in the Entertainments Ring unless restrictions are in place, in which case animals will remain in their enclosure. The Committee respectfully request all exhibitors should take part in the Grand Parade. Numbers should be clearly seen at all times. Any alterations announced on day.

Rule 33: Health & Safety

All Exhibitors to comply with the Health & Safety Rules of the Show, a copy can be seen in the Secretary’s marquee. Fall of horse/pony or rider in any class will result in disqualification
and must leave the ring dismounted and see Launceston Voluntary First Aid Service before continuing in any other class. Cattle & Sheep – in the event of anyone being knocked over, to see Launceston Voluntary First Aid Service.

Rule 34: Public Liability Insurance

All Trade and Vintage exhibitors must be in possession of Public Liability Insurance and have it for inspection if requested on Show Day. All exhibitors except horses & cars to use Gate 1.


Exhibitors Gate 2: HORSES & CARS

By order of the Committee 2019 Camelford & District Agricultural Association Ltd

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